twentytwenty's top tiny narratives

a *very* subjective and incomplete list

I started this newsletter — over two years ago now — in part because when it comes to stories the ones that I love the most are the little ones, the side-quests, the B-plots, the small moments, the low stake events. I want a monster of the week not whole season arcs. I want quiet introspections and the mundane, exacting details of someone’s life before it all turns upside down. I want that three-second note in a song where everything seems perfect; captured forever and played on repeat. I want the tiny narratives that often get missed.

I think we can all agree 2020’s main season arc was a pile of crap so I’m going to celebrate my personal top tiny narratives that I read, watched, listened to and played this year (if I can remember that far back):

And thanks to you for reading and listening to this newsletter in what has been a very weird year full of weird and wonderful tiny narratives.

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